Resources by Subject


Sheppard Software have a large number of educational quizzes and games on their site which caters for all levels of pupils. They are categorized by subject type too – very helpful!

Noozyou turns current news events into games – but not in a frivolous way! It encourages pupils to watch, listen and comprehend the information contained in video reports, rather than letting it wash over them. For encouraging active listening, this could be really beneficial.


12 Events that will change everything could be used in a variety of contexts. It is a thought provoking interactive which lists some concepts or possibilities that would have a marked impact on life on earth. Quite worrying in some respects!

Food Technology

Collect all your recipes together online with Recipefy


I don’t see why Food Tech should languish in the dark ages when a site such as Plummelo will let you register online recipes and create a shopping list to go with it! Great idea.


LiveMocha is an online language training course which I admit to knowing little about – except that importantly it’s free! I will have a play, but any thoughts on the usefulness of this one would be most welcome!

Now this is clever! Youspeakit is a site offering videos with transcripts in two languages and lots of interactivity. Very cool.