Diagrams etc.


It may be time for Wordle to raise it’s game! Wordlings has popped up to build their own breed of word cloud, allowing the user to upload custom images to create the word cloud shape, and giving a large number of customisation options . . . interesting!

Clipped from: wordlin.gs (share this clip)



It’s a site filled with infographics and great visual representations of information which will really serve to stimulate pupil discussion.


Popplet is trying to take the whole sticky notes concept to a new level with it’s combining of interactivity and mindmapping tools! Sounds like fun to me!



Critical thinking, English, History . . . look, an argument creator!! In other words, Amap is a great site that helps to structure and formulate a strong argument, step by step. Really easy to use – lots of potential.



Oooh, new mindmapping site! Looks to have lots of good multimedia features and is free in beta at the moment, going to try it out later . .


Strip Generator

Strip generator is basic, simple to use and therefore a good tool for constructing a quick resource to use as a starter, plenary . . . It would also be an interesting homework task!


Here’s my effort


Graphs made easy

If it’s visually appealing graphs you’re after, this could be the place – they do look good. However, unlike most of the sites listed on here, this one does involve a download – oh, and at time of writing only works with Windows, hope that changes soon as I want to try them on Safari!


Lovely charts

Lovely charts are lovely! Lots of drag and drop functionality allowing you to create really good-looking diagrams and charts. The web-based version is free – with minimal sign up required – so get creating!


Oooh TikiToki is another visual treat! It’s a new interactive timeline creator, it’s free and it will really engage pupils – I’ll be finding a way of using it in tomorrow’s lessons, for sure!

Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy is so beautiful. It really is visually spectacular. You input a tag and it generates a solar system of planets grouping Flickr tags on that subject. Then, once you’ve chosen your tag area of interest, it creates a globe of related Flickr images which you can then spin and click on any that appeal. It warrants three screen shots!



Capzles is a self-styled multimedia time capsule creator. Upload pictures, add text, add audio and string it all on a timeline to create a little window into a particular time or event. There are some good WW2 ones on the site – but it’s pretty intuitive when it comes to making your own. I use it to start topics mainly.


Exploratree gives you a large collection of ‘thinking guides’ which you can customise, use, print . . . I find them very useful for revision tasks and for planning projects/essays etc.


Mindomo has been around for a while, and produces mindmaps that you can embed pretty much anything you like into (within reason!). It is easy to use, can be customised to suit your topic and is accessible enough to use as a homework project for pupils.

Vionto (Eyeplorer)

Vionto asks you to input a term or concept, then it produces a map of facts, links, names – search results in general – connected to it. Think search engine in the round, with an info bar on the side for good measure. It’s one of those resources that needs testing with a term before you’d let pupils loose on it, but it can produce great results.


When it comes to mindmapping, spicynodes is a really pleasing site to use. It lets you create elaborate and collapsible mindmaps which have a high degree of interactivity and can be moved around and repositioned on the screen. I love using it at the start of practical projects to allow pupils to find their own path into learning.


Diagram.ly makes a great diagram, that’s for sure. You can use clipart and text in your creations and generate a great looking chart.


I know it isn’t new, but this site is and I wanted to get dipity on here quick.

Dipity is a great site for making interactive timelines. Not only do they scroll along in a very pleasing way, but you can embed images, video, links – pretty much anything you like into them!