Built using www.wix.com which is an amazing, easy-as-pie to use, flash website building tool. I can’t begin to describe what a difference having this site has made to my teaching. It is the only thing I need to display on my Smartboard throughout the day, as all my resources are built directly into it, or are linked from it.

Let me explain a little what I mean . . .

Each year group has it’s own teaching and learning page – here’s this week’s Year 8 page :-

The learning objective is always on the left of the page, and there are three separate pages built in so that classes who may have missed a lesson still have the objective they need available.

I can embed Youtube videos or upload my own audio or video content.

The righthand panel gives different pages that detail learning points for the lessons. The globes are links to external websites. On the page relating to Aleatoric music, you will see sheets of paper. These are worksheet examples which if clicked on, will appear full screen so that I can explain them to pupils. Current worksheets are also shown on the page as downloadable pdfs, for me to print out as handouts, or pupils to access their own.

The large folder icon is a link to a jotform form, which I am using to quickly test pupils’ understanding.

The Good Stuff button at the top of the page is a link to a page of exemplar audio and video uploads from my lessons, so that pupils are able to celebrate each others’ achievements and be proud of their own.

The Challenge button (top left and nearly hidden) is another link through to a separate collection of resources that I sometimes use as lesson starters or plenaries – it’s usually a little random, but again it’ll give you an idea of how I use webtools . . .

By the time you are reading this, no doubt the content on this page of my website will have changed a hundred times – but at least this hopefully gives you a little idea of how I try to use the site in my teaching.